When it comes to retail therapy, the Costa del Sol is a shopper’s paradise.


In recent years, major commercial centres have been built on the outskirts of all the main urban centres, from the newly opened Muelle Uno at Málaga port, and the chic Andalucian ambience of Plaza Mayor near Málaga city, to the contemporary sophistication of La Cañada in Marbella. All the main centres have cinema complexes, offering dubbed, sub-titled and original version film screenings, as well as an ample choice of dining establishments – an excellent day’s outing for the family.


Their shops also offer most of the top brands but for devoted fashionistas the ultra-select boutiques of Puerto Banús are the true mecca.


In recent years, the main cities’ “old towns” have lost some of their lustre as local trade has moved to the sprawling commercial centres. Nevertheless, their cobblestoned streets are still full of fascinating outlets preserving the essence of the Coast’s centuries-old customs.


Each city and village also has its own weekly market, colourful hives of activity with stalls selling everything from food and clothes to home appliances and souvenirs; and on most days there will be at least one flea market set up somewhere along the coast.

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